russian flag

Definition of patriotism

  1. the quality of being patriotic; vigorous support for one’s country.
    “a highly decorated officer of unquestionable integrity and patriotism”
    synonyms: nationalism, patriotic sentiment, allegiance/loyalty to one’s country, loyalism

The above definition is from Google dictionary.  There was more but I left out the negative synonyms.  Today I’m focusing on the positive meaning of the word, ok?

Some people say that patriotism isn’t a good thing.  Well, I don’t really get into the politics of it.  Life’s too short for politics.

I think being patriotic can be a good thing for the future of a country.  Stick together, work together, grow together.  That sort of thing.

But then again, I’m not an expert on anything to do with the future of countries.  I’m just a simple girl.  (and no, I didn’t say ‘I’m simply a girl’, I said ‘I’m just a simple girl’.  There’s a difference).  And yes, sigh, I know I’m a grown woman, but I’m still a girl.  Let’s save that debate for another time (another time far into the future please).

Loving your country

You know how people love their countries so much they’ll do almost anything for it?  Like, in Australia, countless people have had the southern cross tattooed on their bodies to show their patriotism.  They love Australia so much, and are so proud to be Australian, that they feel the need to carve this into their skin for eternity.

The Southern Cross constellation, which is a part of the Australian flag

Here in Russia, I see many examples of patriotism, so today I’m going to show you some of them, all connected to the beautiful Russian flag.  Enjoy!

First of all, let’s take a look at this monument.  This monument can be seen in Victory Park, Moscow.  It’s a memorial to the heroes of the First World War.

patriotism monument

It’s beautiful and huge and quite a powerful reminder of that time in history.

In the garden

Next, we have a couple of examples how we can show our love for our country in the garden.  You, too, can do this at home, no matter what country you’re from.

patriotism garden
Just plant flowers in the colours and design of your national flag
flag in the garden
Or lay some concrete down and colour it as required

On the road

You can also display your pride on any kind of transportation.

Either private.

flag truck

Or public.

flag tram

And here’s a sneak preview from a post coming to you in the near future.  A bird feeder.  There are literally hundreds of bird feeders and bird houses hanging off trees in parks and streets, in front of flats and other buildings.  Anywhere there are trees, really.

This bird feeder is one of my favourites.

flag birdfeeder

This woman could easily belong in my ‘Look Behind You’ post.  I wonder if she planned this combination of colours when she got dressed that morning?

flag woman

At home

We can also show our love for our country by decorating our living spaces.  Here are some I’ve seen around Moscow and also in Moscow region (the outer suburbs).

You could simply hang a flag somewhere, on your balcony or over your front door.

flag above door
flag balcony
This guy’s also a pirate, but that’s ok

Or decorate your gate.

flag garden gate

You could paint walls or other brickwork.

flag brick pillar
flag balcony wall
flag building top

No matter how high.

flag building all

If you know me, you’ll know that I love Russia and the Russian people.  And I love seeing these examples of their pride in being Russian.  It makes me love them even more.

Do you have any examples of this kind of patriotism from your part of the world?  Or maybe you have a Southern Cross tattoo?  Share it with us by either commenting below, or sending me a photo to my email address which I will then add to this post.

~ Cheryl

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Author: Cheryl

I'm an Australian woman who is now living in a village in rural Bulgaria. I lived for 12 years in Moscow, Russian Federation, working as an English language teacher. My current loves are my husband and my vegetable garden.

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