Featured Photo #1

The Turquoise woman

I take my camera with me where ever I go.  I never know what I might see, because Moscow is full of surprising things.

My camera even comes with me when we go to the supermarket.  As you can see, it’s been useful to capture the lazy life of the ‘Cat in the Supermarket’.

In our living room I’ve created a kind of ‘photo wall’.  It’s the side of our big cupboard, and I’ve been putting photos there which have a special meaning for me, or are simply funny, or just for the memories.

My photo wall

photo wall 1
photo wall 2

From time to time I get photos printed at a shop here in Moscow.  I miss the old days when we had photo albums, and sat on the couch slowly turning the pages and reminiscing over the good times.  These days people take thousands of photos on their phones and never look at them again.  I love having them printed so I can pick them up and feel them.

On my photo wall there are photos of people, places, food, objects and more.  Sometimes I look at them, smiling at the memories, the good times.

So, I’ve decided to create a post for you every week or so, with a featured photo.  I’ll choose a photo, either one I’ve already put on my wall at home, or another one from my archives, and share it with you.

I hope you like them!

Here’s number one:

The Turquoise woman
The Turquoise woman in the park

This woman was quietly sitting in a park, Kolomenskaya, in Moscow.  I didn’t talk to her, so I don’t know why she was dressed like that, but don’t you wish you had her courage?  Or maybe I’m wrong, and it’s not courage.  Maybe she just doesn’t care and dresses like this because it makes her happy.

Whatever the reason, I hope she realises that she puts smiles on people’s faces when she goes to the park.

Long live the turquoise woman!

~ Cheryl

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Author: Cheryl

I'm an Australian woman who is now living in a village in rural Bulgaria. I lived for 12 years in Moscow, Russian Federation, working as an English language teacher. My current loves are my husband and my vegetable garden.

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