Exotic Crisp Flavours – What’s your Favourite?

First of all, a little language lesson.

The following pictures are:

  • crisps – in British English
  • (potato) chips – in American English
  • (potato) chips – in Australian English

And then we have:

  • chips – British English
  • French Fries – American English
  • (hot) chips or French Fries – Australian English

For this post, I’m using the British English version of English.  And so, today we’re looking at crisps and their different flavours.  (I know there are other versions of English, and maybe other names for these two products, just trying to keep it simple here, ok?).

Favourite flavour

Do you have a favourite flavour of crisps?

My favourite is salt and vinegar, which is widely available in Australia and the UK.  But, unfortunately, not anywhere to be found in Russia.

I don’t eat a lot of crisps anyway.  I can’t remember the last time I had some.  They’re certainly not a regular inclusion in the weekly shopping.  But I really do love salt and vinegar.  By the way, in Australia, we also put salt and vinegar on chips, especially when we’re eating fish and chips.

On the few occasions that we’ve gone to London, I’ve bought a few packets of salt and vinegar crisps, and brought them back to Moscow.  I then try not to eat them too quickly so as not to run out.  (A bit like the Cherry Ripes from Australia – at the time of writing there are still 2 left!  Or, chocolate in general – all gone.)

But, eventually, when my will power is no longer resistant to the charms of the salt and vinegar taste, the last packet is consumed and it’s all over until the next time we find some on our travels.

The advantage of bringing crisps home from holidays is that they’re extremely light so they don’t add too much weight to your luggage.  The disadvantage is that they can take up a lot of room in the suitcase.

As we all know, crisps aren’t good for our health.  So, it’s just as well that my favourite flavour isn’t available here in Moscow.  I’m sure I’d eat much more of them.  Every day probably.

However, there are other, much more exotic, flavours available on the supermarket shelves here.

Well, exotic to me, but probably not exotic to Russians.

Russian crisp flavours

Let’s take a look at some of them.

First we have lobster.  I love lobster, when it’s actually a lobster, cooked, but still recognisable as a lobster meat.  I’ve never tried these lobster flavoured crisps, and I probably won’t.  But I’m sure they’re very tasty.

lobster crisps
Lobster flavoured crisps

It seems that sea-food is a popular flavour for crisps in this part of the world.  Our next flavour is crab.  And here we have several different brands and types of crisps, just for a bit of variety.  I like crab, but have never tried crab flavoured crisps.  Maybe I’ll give them a try next time I see an open packet at a party or somewhere.

crab crisps
Here’s a popular brand of crab crisps
crab crisps
This packet looks quite classy – it’s King crab flavour
crab crisps
Pringles is also taking advantage of the popularity of crab flavoured food
crab crisps
And Lays is taking advantage of the popularity of Pringle-style crab flavoured crisps

We’ll come back to the sea-food theme in a little while.  Right now, we’re going to see a mushroom and sour cream flavoured crisp.  Now, I’m not a big fan of mushrooms in any form, so I’m not going to buy these.  But, if mushrooms are one of your favourite foods, then why not pick up a packet today?

mushroom crisps
Mushroom and sour cream crisps

And then we have a very popular flavour, even when it’s not in a crisp.  Who doesn’t like a cheeseburger every now and then?  I think this flavour could easily become a favourite of mine.

cheese burger crisps
Try the cheeseburger flavour today!

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Other Russian snacks

While we’re looking at flavours, I’d like to introduce you to another Russian snack food.  It’s fried black bread.  Black bread, otherwise known as rye bread, is cut into ‘fingers’ and deep fried in oil.  We usually eat this in bars and cafes, with sour cream or some other dipping sauce, sometimes topped with crushed garlic, and it goes well with beer.  It’s really, really good!  But not really, really healthy.  It’s called grenki – гренки in Russian.

Russian grenki – deep fried black bread.  Photo credit – rodnoyurozhay.ru

Sometimes it’s just not possible or practical to have fresh grenki.  So, you can have the next best thing.  Grenki in a packet!  Yes, you can buy this fried bread in a packet.  And, what’s better, is that there are different flavours to choose from!  Here we look at some of the common ones.

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First up, we’re back to the sea-food theme – salmon and cheese grenki.  I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten salmon together with cheese – but, why not?

grenki salmon and cheese
Salmon and cheese flavoured grenki

Next up, it’s back to mushroom and sour cream.  Seems to be quite a popular combination here.

mushroom and sour cream grenki
Another mushroom and sour cream flavoured Russian snack

And this one is going to be a bit difficult to explain.  I think you all know what horseradish is.  But, the second flavour in this one is even more exotic than that.  It’s called холодец (kholodets)- it’s a kind of meat jelly.  It looks like this and is quite a popular New Year food.

Meat jelly decorated with cranberries and parsley for a special New Year entree – I couldn’t eat it

Which brings us to the grenki which is horseradish and kholodets flavour.  I don’t think I’ll ever try this one.

meat jelly and horseradish grenki
For me, this one is truly exotic

And, just to show that this particular flavour is much loved here, there’s also another snack food with the same flavour.  I don’t really know what this is, I think it’s a kind of small sticks of crispy cracker.  Anyway, they have the same flavour as the grenki above.

meat jelly and horseradish cracker
Meat jelly and horseradish seems to be a very popular combination

And the same crispy product, this time we have the crispy cracker sticks with Bavarian sausage.  This could be good with beer – as the packet subtly suggests.

barbecue sausage flavour crispy cracker
Bavarian sausage flavour – if you like German sausages this could be the flavour for you

So there are options I can explore while I wait for the next opportunity to get my hands on some salt and vinegar crisps.  I’m just not sure when one to try first.  What would you suggest?

~ Cheryl

This post had been planned for some months.  I had taken photos on various visits to the supermarket and then they sat idle, waiting to be used.  Due to a severe bout of procrastination this post didn’t materialise until now.  Inspiration to finally complete it came from the Facebook page of Gadsventure.  Why not go over and ‘like’ their page, and maybe visit their blog?

Do you have a favourite flavour for crisps?  Which Russian crisps would you like to try?  Let us know if you’ve seen some exotic flavoured crisps on your travels.

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Author: Cheryl

I'm an Australian woman who is now living in a village in rural Bulgaria. I lived for 12 years in Moscow, Russian Federation, working as an English language teacher. My current loves are my husband and my vegetable garden.

13 thoughts on “Exotic Crisp Flavours – What’s your Favourite?”

  1. Wow!! Cheryl these are some amazing chip flavours!! I really like the sound of Crab and the salmon flavours!
    My kids would love the cheeseburger ones I think. I think we might have to visit Russia just for the chips!
    Thanks for writing a really cool article and mentioning our name!
    Keep writing and if you want some tips with anything let us know, we are learning all the time you know!


    1. Hi Kris, yes, it’s really interesting to see different flavours in different countries (as you know!). Honestly, I haven’t tried many here, as I get older I prefer other food, ‘try’ to eat healthy etc. I hope you’ll get the chance to visit Russia one day. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea and some people find the visa process a bit tricky, but it’s worth it! Thanks for your offer of tips, I’ll let you know if I need anything 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you do next! Enjoy the rest of your week! 🙂


  2. We don’t have so many flavors of potato chips here. I would love to try lobster ones! We do have Salt and Vinegar, cheese, barbeque and dill pickle chips. I don’t eat many chips, but lev Ruffles plain ones.


    1. Hi Michele! Sorry to hear that your choice of potato chips is limited!! In my opinion, if there’s Salt and Vinegar available there’s no need for anything else! 🙂 Dill pickle chips sounds interesting. I really must try some of those! Thank you for visiting and commenting, nice to see you again. 🙂


    1. Hi Sue, oh, yes, crisps have indeed come a long way since we were young. My daughter reminded me of Samboy chips, which were the main brand for us for many, many years. Red Rock Sweet Chilli sounds pretty good, I’ll have to give them a try next time I’m in Australia. Thanks for stopping by, nice to see you again. 🙂


  3. I LOVE chips – both the packet variety and the hot variety! I like mine plain and simple, but BBQ and salt and vinegar are both quite acceptable. I’m afraid Russian chips might just be the last straw for me though – all those mushroom and crustacean flavours turn my stomach a little! I might just stay here in Aus where I can get my occasional fix and know that it will be delicious!
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂


    1. Hi Leanne, yes, I know what you mean. Give me Salt and Vinegar, or Barbecue and I’m happy. I’ll leave the exotic flavours for the Russians! Hot chips are also something that I love (unfortunately hot chips don’t really exist here, and the french fries here are never cooked enough so are a big soft). I remember the days in Perth of ordering chips with gravy (Coles cafeteria in Hay Street Mall)!! I’d give my right arm for a plate of chips and gravy sometimes! Thank you for visiting, nice to see you as always. 🙂


    1. Hello Deborah, ‘not a whole packet’? How can you stop??!! Once I start I just keep munching until I get to the crumbs at the bottom of the pack! I like Thins too, I don’t know if we have them here, I must take a look next time I’m out shopping. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Hope you have a nice week! 🙂


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