Featured Photo #8 – Snow

I never get tired of snow.  I lived in Australia for almost 40 years, without snow.  Being able to live in a snowy country was a childhood dream, a fantasy.  Of course, we have snow in Australia, in the mountains in the east of Australia.  We even have skiing and ski resorts.  But I’m from the west of Australia, and the cost of going to the east coast for skiing was always too high for me to even consider it.

Then I moved to Moscow!  I first came to Moscow in 2007 (you can read about why I came to Moscow in this post).  It was the middle of January, which is the middle of winter.  I knew immediately that I’d love living here in such a cold climate. 

Too cold or not?

Most people say that they could never live in a place as cold as Moscow.  And maybe they’re right.  But, it’s not so cold if you know how to dress properly.  You need to be rugged up nice and warmly before you go outside.  The most important parts are your head and your feet – there’s nothing worse than being outside with freezing feet!  So, if you get the right clothes on, you’ll be fine outside on the street.

And, of course, our flats are all centrally heated by the government, so we are very warm and toasty at home! 

And, we don’t spend a lot of time outside when it’s really cold.  However, you can find families with children in parks playing even when it’s minus 5 degrees outside.  And probably even colder.  But when it’s really cold, we go outside only when it’s necessary, for example to go to work or to the shops.  But it’s bearable most of the time.

Living with snow

The best part about living in such a cold place is, of course, the snow.  And every winter I take my camera out and try and get some good snow photos.  And while I’m not the world’s greatest photographer, I do love finding those special moments when the time’s perfect for a photo.  Like this one. Can you see the 2 people?

This photo was taken in the park, Tsaritsyno, which is a huge park in the south of Moscow.  It’s one of my favourite parks, and was one of the first parks I visited when I came to Moscow in 2007.  Every season here brings a different view and the park really changes according to what time of the year it is.  But my favourite season to visit Tsaritsyno is in winter, when we get the opportunity to take such beautiful photos as this one.   

And after 12 winters here already, and heading into my 13th, I’m not at all tired of grabbing my camera and going out to a park or just in the streets, to find interesting wintery scenes to photograph.  It’s not snowing in Moscow yet, but as soon as it starts, I’ll be outside with my camera looking for amazing winter scenes to capture, and maybe I’ll share them here for you, too!

~ Cheryl     

Author: Cheryl

I'm an Australian woman who is now living in a village in rural Bulgaria. I lived for 12 years in Moscow, Russian Federation, working as an English language teacher. My current loves are my husband and my vegetable garden.

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